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Thank You!

Your reservation is complete.  You are now on "the list"!  You should receive an email from PayPal that shows the passes you reserved along with additional items.  These items will be available for pick up at check-in the day of the event.    

Next Steps...

CHECKing IN the day of the SHOW

When you arrive, please check-in at the MovieCamp booth in the lobby or outside of the theater.  We will have your reservation on our list.  Please bring a copy of your PayPal email.  This makes it easy for our team to look you up and get you checked in.  This is when you will receive your prints and select your seats.

Picking your seats at check in allows you relax and not have to stand in line before getting in to the auditorium in order to get the seats you want.  This also frees you up to grab dinner or drinks at the restaurants near the theater before entering the auditorium to get ready for our show!

See you there!!